Black Diamond Shatter Indica (1g) by Array


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Array’s small batch BHO Extracted Shatter offers high potency and an amazing smoking experience.  Array opted to practice single strain, small batch BHO extraction to preserve the flavour, scent, and cannabinoid profile of what was already a great bud.  Listed on the back of each 1g Shatter Clamshell is the “Available THC” (THC available after decarboxylation) as per the test results of that batch.  Array shares this figure as they feel it is important to inform the end user of exactly how much THC may be effectively consumed when smoked or vaped, this way you can dose more consistently and effectively as you enjoy their shatter.  Available THC calculated by multiplying total THC % by 0.877 to account for loss during decarboxylation.

Lab tested in a Health Canada approved facility.

Product Information Each batch of shatter is individually tested.

Directions/Reverse Side Print: Refrigerate before use. We take pride in the best processing of cannabis, using all natural techniques to produce natural & lasting flavours.

WARNING! Keep away from children and pets. It is unlawful to drive or operate machinery when under the influence of this product.

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  • Small Batch BHO Extraction


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